Soup Diets for Weight Loss

Soup diets are very common these days, because soup is a very effective way to satiate hunger without giving you all the unnecessary calories and fat. Soup is liquid-based, and liquid tends to work in filling up your stomach and tricking you into thinking that you’re already full. This is the same principle that works for the weight loss tip of drinking a lot of water. There are times when we think we’re hungry and we end up eating too much when in fact, we’re only thirsty. Drinking water before a meal works in the same way as eating soup before a meal – it satiates hunger and makes us eat less of the meal in front of us. Just because soup can help you lose weight doesn’t mean it has to taste bland. There are several soup diets for weight loss that have been formulated with taste in mind.

Soup diets for weight loss will only work if these diets are able to find the balance between low calories and appetizing taste. Naturally a full cream soup full of potatoes and seasoning will taste very delicious, but it’s not very effective in helping people with their goals. A diet soup recipe will substitute the full cream with skim milk, and use something like asparagus or celery as a substitute to potatoes, which are very high in carbohydrates. Of course it won’t taste the same, but this only illustrates a way to make a diet soup appetizing without making it full of calories. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of research.

When you choose soups to add to your diet, concentrate on the soups that are rich in vegetables. You have to note that not all vegetables are the same either, and you have to avoid starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes as much as possible. You should also avoid soups that are cream-based, and instead concentrate on clear or even tomato-based soups. In making your soup you should also avoid putting too much seasoning, because while this adds to the taste, adding too much will be counterproductive to your diet. You’ll be surprised how filling soup can be, so try it out and see amazing weight loss results.

Losing Weight With Pu Erh Red Tea

From the scientific point of view they are not proven, although, if something can not be denied, it is that so many years of observation are enough time to discover the properties of a plant.

Bayer and Traditional Chinese Medicine
The international pharmaceutical company famous for aspirin has established scientific and technical cooperation agreements with China.

Bayer researchers have worked and work together with scientists from the Kunming Institute of Botany of Yunnan with the aim of finding new active ingredients in the herbs used in ancient Chinese traditional medicine.

There are already precedents of success, as is the case of the active ingredient acarbose, a natural substance that is being applied in the treatment of diabetes.

The approach used to judge the mechanisms of action in Traditional Chinese Medicine differs greatly from the Western one. While TCM has a holistic vision, contemplating the human being as a whole, Western medicine focuses on the principle of cause and effect.

Although the two paradigms are irreconcilable, this fact is a clear example of the interest that pharmaceutical multinationals have for the ancestral knowledge that Traditional Chinese Medicine possesses.

Some of the properties that the Chinese have attributed to Pu-Erh Red Tea for thousands of years have been corroborated and accepted from the physico-chemical paradigm that our western medicine supports.

Properties of Pu-erh tea for health
Lose weight. The sources cite the Medicine Institute of Kunming, capital of Yunnan (China) as one of the centers that has scientifically demonstrated this property of black tea.

Also St. Antoine Hospital in Paris has worked in this line.

It seems that losing weight occurs while maintaining a normal diet and that the results are permanent.

While Traditional Chinese Medicine explains this property of Red Tea with energetic reasons, Western medicine justifies it by accelerating the metabolism of the liver.

Reduction of the level of fats in blood. As in the previous case, both the Kunming Institute of Medicine and the St Antoine Hospital appear as the main scientific representatives who have corroborated this property of Pu-Erh black Tea.

Reinforcement and activation of the liver metabolism. To such an extent it reinforces the metabolism of the liver, which according to some French doctors, is able to reduce the level of alcohol in blood more quickly.

Surely you have thought of the weekend revelers provided with Te Rojo Pu-Erh to pass the Breathalyzer Smiley face controls

Of course they would not be saved from the administrative sanction, because it takes two hours to reduce blood alcohol by 0.45%.

This study corroborates that it activates the metabolism of the liver.

Other benefits of Pu-Erh black Tea
Among the utilities that the Chinese tradition has given to Pu-Erh Red Tea we can find:

Prevention of infections.
Easier digestion of fatty foods.
Detoxification and purification.
Reinforcement of the immune system.
Traditionally used in China against burns by applying it externally.
Elevation of mood

Our experience with Pu-Erh black Tea

From our experience, we can not confirm its beneficial effects to lose weight, because we have not taken it assiduously for a prolonged period of time.

What we have experienced is its great diuretic effect with a consumption of 3 to 4 cups daily for a few days.

As always, the experiences are unique and non-transferable, so we recommend that if you want to integrate Pu-Erh Black Tea into your diet to lose weight visit a good specialist.

Nobody better than him knows his metabolism and what he may need to lose weight.

Vegan Smoothies

When making the change to a vegan diet, whether for health or for ethical reasons, one of the most challenging aspects of the day is breakfast. After all traditionally breakfast is eggs, cereal, toast with butter, sausage, bacon, or any number of foods that are not appropriate for vegans. When trying to maintain a vegan diet while also eating only whole foods you have to watch out for refined sugars and other starches in breads, sugar for coffee, and even the artificial chemicals in nondairy creamer.

It is plain to see that having a balanced meal to start the day may be almost impossible. But it is not. Even as a vegan, you can still drink a homemade smoothie. All you need is some fresh produce, a blender, a little practice and a few other products to add to give you any missing vitamins or proteins for the day. When learning how to make smoothies the first step is to wander around the produce aisle at the store and decide which fruits you enjoy. Strawberries, bananas, and melons all make great additions to any smoothie. Many other fruits can work great as well including peaches, grapes, kiwi, and other berries. Also consider juicing fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes. Buying fruit juice from the store is usually not a good idea when on a whole foods or vegan diet. But juicing your own at home can be a great way to avoid preservatives and other chemicals.

After deciding on your favorite fruits, now decide what else you can throw in your smoothies for extra nutrition. It is easy to eat several servings of vegetables per day by simply hiding milder ones in your smoothies. Spinach, alfalfa sprouts, chard, and lettuce are common in stores and are generally easy to add. One thing to keep in mind when on any vegan diet is to get enough vitamins and proteins. Without being careful many people find themselves not eating enough Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iodine, or Omega 3 Fatty Acids. You can counter this by grinding certain beans, nuts, healthy oils, or supplements into your morning smoothie. Some supplements, like fish oil, may be better taken in capsule form.

Breakfast, lunch, or any meal on the go does not have to be impossible for someone on a vegan and whole foods diet. Stocking your house with fresh produce, buying a strong blender, and learning which supplements you may need may be all it takes to enjoy a healthy meal. And best of all, it takes only minutes to prepare, is very portable, and cleanup is very easy!

Choose A Vegetable Juicer

The Speed Of The Juicer.

First, think about the speed of the juicer. Some juicers move at much slower speeds, which can make it harder to juice the heartier vegetables you may want to use.

The faster and stronger the juicer, the more versatile it is going to be.

The Pulp Factor.

Also, consider the pulp factor. What does the juicer do with the pulp? The big difference between a juicer and a blender is the blender keeps the pulp in the juice while the juicer ensures it is separated from the mix.

Ideally, you will want to find a juicer that ejects the pulp, which will make cleaning the juicer a breeze. You will find you quickly avoid all juicing if you are spending half an hour cleaning the machine after each use.

The Strength Of The Juicer.

Also, consider the strength of the juicer. How powerful is the machine? If the juicer is not operating with much strength, it may not hold up to many juice creations. If you have a family and plan to prepare various juices at the one time, you will want a juicer with enough horsepower it can easily keep up.


Finally, also take into account the noise factor. Now if you plan to juice in the afternoon or evening, this may not be much of a consideration. But if you want to juice at breakfast and you get up earlier than other family members, they are not going to appreciate a deafening machine.

Benefits Of Eating Bison Meat

Lower In Fat And Calories.

First, know per a four ounce serving of bison, you will be taking in a total of 124 calories and 6 grams of fat. In that, you will get 17 grams of high-quality protein, making it an excellent option for eating after a workout session.

The protein found in bison is a complete protein and one highly absorbable by the body, so it will go a long way towards promoting optimal muscle repair.

An Excellent Source Of Iron.

Active individuals need to ensure they are getting enough iron in their diet on a regular basis. Iron is responsible for the formation of red blood cells, which then transport oxygen throughout the working muscle tissues.

Bison doesn’t fall short. It provides 2.3 mg of iron per serving, giving you about 13% of your total daily needs.

Very Often Grass-Fed.

One thing with bison is because it is a wild meat, it’s very unlikely you will find grain-fed bison roaming the lands. Nearly 100% of the time, this meat is grass-fed because it is out in the wild. This is in direct contrast to beef, which is primarily grain-fed. While you can find grass-fed beef, it is harder to come by. With bison, you would not have to worry about taking this extra step to search for grass-fed because if it is bison you are looking at, chances are, it already is.

Grass-fed meat has a higher nutritional content and is usually lower in fat as well.

A Good Source Of Omega Fats.

Because of the fact bison is grass-fed, this means it will also offer a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed red meat has a much healthier fat profile compared to grain-fed red meat, so this will go a long way towards improving your overall health status.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for…

  • keeping your heart healthy,
  • preventing Type 2 diabetes,
  • increasing brain health, and for
  • maximizing your body composition.

Making Pizza Buns

You can buy premade pizza sauce in the grocery store on the aisle with the pasta sauces. You can also buy pasta sauce and use it as pizza sauce. You can also make your own pizza sauce with a can of tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste, garlic, oregano, parsley, onion powder, and basil. Pour the paste and the sauce into a pan and add seasonings to taste. Grated parmesan cheese added to the sauce also adds a great flavor.

Prepare all of the pizza ingredients by opening the packages, browning the meats, and assemble them together. We like to place ours on paper plates for easy clean up after the feast.

Place one half of a hamburger bun on the counter and put a tablespoon of the pizza sauce on top of the bun. Then allow each person to put their favorite toppings on their bun. The buns are put into the toaster oven to broil until the cheese melts after they are assembled. Each bun will take about four minutes to heat thoroughly.

The kids get to make their pizzas exactly like they like them and you get to enjoy the smiles and the laughter while sharing a great bonding experience with your family.

Dinner does not always have to be one meat and two vegetables with a serving of bread. It can be fun, and sometimes it should be fun. You should get the entire family, from youngest to oldest, involved in the dinner making process at times. This gives you the opportunity to educate the children about food choices, safety tips for the kitchen, and allows you to just have some quality bonding time. There is nothing more memorable than the unplanned moments you spend with your loved ones.

Hakka Noodles Recipe


  • 1 packet (320 gm) dried handmade noodle (any kind of dried noodle will do, if you can get the handmade ones, that would be best. Otherwise, any noodles that tastes good will do.)
  • 150 gm chives, remember to cut into 4 cm length
  • 200 gm of bean sprouts
  • 3 dry bean curd (tofu), cut into strips
  • 100 gm small and dried prawns, chopped into tiny bits
  • 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic
  • 2 eggs, fried into omelette and shredded into thin strips
  • 2 table spoons of olive oil


Salt and pepper to taste

Method (How to Prepare):

  • Blanch the noodle in boiling water until cooked, then drain and rinse with cold water, and keep aside.
  • Fry the shredded dried tofu until golden. Then set aside.
  • Fry the dried prawns with oil until fragrant and crispy, then set aside.
  • Heat frying pan with little oil, stir-fry the noodle in few portions until dry and fragrant. Dish up.
  • Heat frying pan to sauté garlic, add in the chives, bean sprout, tofu, dried prawns and seasoning and stir well. Pour in a little water, add in the noodle and stir-fry until well mixed. Adjust seasoning to taste.
  • Add in the shredded omelette and serve. 5 servings.

This is a wonderful recipe, adored by both kids, as well as adults. It is a very healthy option for your everyday lunch or dinner. Have fun and enjoy!

Warming Winter Soups and Stews

Sweat the vegetables

Most soups have a base of aromatic vegetables such as carrots, onions, garlic and celery.

Sweating these vegetables out on a medium heat with butter or oil will release aromats and create a base of flavour for your soup.


Using a home made or good quality fresh stock is always going to give you a better quality soup than using stock cubes or flavour enhancers.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own stock then there are some good quality stocks available form specialty food stores.

Also consider carefully which stock you use for which dish. It is better to use chicken or vegetable stock for light soups and darker stocks such as beef for heartier soups and stews.


Season your ingredients moderately as you go along. This will enhance the flavours of the individual ingredients without making the soup salty.

Use sea salt flakes instead of table salt for a better flavour.

Once the soup is cooked out adjust the seasoning as necessary. Taste the soup add a little salt at a time until the full depth of the ingredients can be tasted.

Such a simple step but so often the difference between flavour-some soups and bland ones.

Consider Texture

Different elements of your dish will need to be cooked differently to produce the desired texture. A carrot for example takes a lot longer to cook than a pea.

Texture comes down to selecting the right ingredients and adding them to the dish at the right time so they are all cooked through at the same time.

Consider from the start if you want a smooth blended soup or one with lots of body and different components.

Add green and leafy veg such as spinach right at the end to avoid it becoming over-cooked.

Croutons, cheeses, crackers, nuts, bean shoots or even pork rinds can be used to add texture and flavour.

Cut to size

Pay attention to the size you are cutting your vegetables and meat. Too big and it may be difficult to eat or take a long time to cook while other components over cook. Too small and it may break down completely.

ChefHire Atelier

We conduct a variety of cooking classes from our East Perth kitchen from raw to seafood, desserts and a number of different cuisines including Korean, Thai, French and Mauritian.

Miso Soup


8th to 12th century:

It was considered to be a luxury food in Japan, and it was only for the noble families or monks.

12th to 16th century:

IT was part of the Samurai’s food source, and was made into the soup base for the first time. Simultaneously, it was available to the general public.

17th to Current:

It has become a well-known food to the Japanese society, and the demand had increased greatly.

Ingredients & Development

What is miso made out of? It is composed of fermented soybean, salt, and Koji. Koji is one of yeast that is similar concept as the yeast for the bread. Additionally, miso can be made from not only soybeans, but also could be made from Rice and Barley as well. For the further information please watch the video from the reference page from our website.


Miso comes in a variety of forms from white miso, red miso, black miso, and many others. The color of miso is depending on the fermentation time, and the longer the fermentation process, the darker the it will look. Among those different types of miso, white and red miso are the most common used in the Japanese society. White miso is used mostly in the Kansai area, and white miso has shorter fermentation time of 3 months. Conversely, red miso has a longer fermentation time of 3-6 months or longer, and it is mostly used in Kanto area. There is also another common kind of miso, which is called “Awase”, meaning that is a mixture of white & red miso together.


Through the perfection of miso soup, Japanese manufacturing companies has made it more convenient and easier to the society to enjoy the miso soup. There are two common types: 1) miso paste, 2) instant miso soup.

  1. Miso paste: it normally comes in a paste form, which can be good for soup base, marinating sauce for fish or meat, salad dressing, and dipping sauce. For the miso paste itself, it never goes to spoil, instead the it will keep fermenting.
  2. Instant miso: it has all the ingredients in the package itself such as tofu, seaweed and other garnish. Powder instant miso soup is what you would see at the supermarket the most, but here is another kind called “Freeze Dried miso soup”. This type of miso has more garnish and better taste compared to the powder ones. However the cost is relatively higher, unless you are in Japan, or you will not see these kinds in your local supermarkets.

Reducing Inflammation

A Healthier Diet to Lower Inflammation

In case you’ve been eating a diet high in sugars, then you will soon sense a lot of benefits from the adoption of a diet consisting of foods that reduce inflammation. The following types of foods will help you in this regard: Fruits , Nuts, Leafy green vegetables , Fatty fish , Fresh herbs and spices.

You may attain tremendous anti-inflammatory advantages from cutting out fried foods, sodas, processed carbohydrates and processed meats and incorporating these healthy foods into your daily diet. The fat in fish and nuts is a healthy form which also can help nourish your mind. Fruits and greens feature lots of essential minerals and vitamins that help keep you healthy in general while also fighting inflammation especially. When coupled with taking spices and herbs, which are full of antioxidants, you provide your body exactly what it requires to feel relief from the aches, aches, lack of energy and other indicators of a poor diet.

You’ll Thank Yourself

Adjusting your diet is among the most difficult prospects for many people. Most of us hear about creating New Year’s resolutions which are left a couple of weeks after and fitness center memberships of those trying to enhance their health through exercise heading unused after a couple of trips. You want to do anything is required to make this change occur on your own.

Educate yourself on nourishment on the internet and through publications and eBooks, and also combine forums on health-related sites and programs to get in touch with like-minded folks that will assist you to persevere. Should you will need a gym trainer to keep you on course, then that might be the wisest investment you ever make. The anti-inflammatory added benefits of a nutritious diet will provide you the energy and health to handle your daily life with a vigor which you might not have the ability to envision at the moment. When you’ve got this power to be living the life you always wanted, you will not ever need to return to the way you was.