Myths About Calcium Diet

Calcium causes weight gain

Here is the simple formula to gain weight. Eat more than your requirements. So, if you are eating more calories than you need, you are going to gain weight.

Milk and dairy products give us protein, calcium, vitamins A, D, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

We need all these elements into our diet. They are essential for our body growth. While milk is not the only source for calcium, milk will give you these vitamins.

In addition to milk, add salads, green vegetables, nuts, peanuts, almonds and seafood into your diet plan.

To fulfill our calcium needs we need 1 cup of milk daily along with above-mentioned foods. I take 1 glass of milk daily because I like milk and I know my diet plan.

I have a perfect body figure and I know if I am taking 1 glass of milk, I should take only 4 to 5 nuts, Not more than that.

Calcium causes heart diseases

We need calcium for our healthy bones. Our bones get slimmer as we are ageing. Good mixture of essential nutrients, fatty acids, magnesium, and vegetables are required for healthy bones.

If your diet is high in saturated foods, it will definitely cause heart disease.

I have heard this statement many times:

“Do not take calcium. It will cause heart attacks because fats will block heart valves and arteries. “

The answer is in their statement.

You should consume low-fat dairy foods. Remove the cream from the milk and drink it. You have removed the major source of saturated fats from the milk.

In this way, you will receive nutritional benefits of dairy food without fats.

Raw cheese is a good bone building and cardio protective food. It is easily available in the market. If you have time, you can make cheese at home.

Calcium supplements are enough

First, I do not recommend calcium supplements. Try natural supplements like milk, yogurt, fish and vegetables.

If you are taking calcium supplements, do not assume that you are taking enough calcium. You need 1200 mg calcium dose per day.

Moreover, calcium supplements will not give you other necessary minerals and vitamins. I do not like calcium supplements because I like milk and supplements are not tasty like a milk dessert.

Have you ever taken frozen milk?

Try it! It is a nice dessert.

Calcium supplements are not enough. Do consult your doctor before making any kind of health decision.

Calcium causes acne

Well friends

This is a rare case. I do not know about your skin conditions. But it doesn’t make sense to me. Calcium cannot cause acne.

If your skin is oily, you should not take too much fat.

In scientific terms, I cannot see any link between acne and calcium. If you are using yogurt, honey or milk cream for facial purposes, stop using them and consult your doctor.

May be your skin is not ready for such materials. Before you buy any beauty product, make sure it is tested and it is suitable for your skin conditions.

Super Fat-Fighting Foods

Food Swaps

Instead of consuming one large cinnamon roll, have two mini cinnamon rolls and a cup of orange juice. Or replace your standard full-fat ice-cream with homemade icecream, easily made from frozen whipped coconut cream, which is low in calories and rich in nutrients with cocoa powder. You can even add some banans.


If you live a reasonably sedentary life, the thought of exercise alone can be exhausting. However, take it from a fellow couch potato: any exercise is good. Two months of yoga had a tremendous effect on my blood pressure and energy levels, so much so that I’m ready to take on something new.

Exercise needn’t be boring either. If you don’t like walking, jogging, skipping of weightlifting, consider a fun exercise that you can do at home, such as Zumba, Yoga, Tae-bo or Pilates.


Every little change for the positive helps when you’re trying to lose weight and including these foods into your diet will enhance the taste of your meals and have a positive, fat-burning effect.

  1. Turmeric
    Turmeric brings a delicious taste and beautiful yellow colour to curries. It also contains curcumin that is known to inhibit the growth of fat cells. It also prevents fat storage.
  2. Black Pepper
    Rich in piperine, black pepper also blocks the formation of fat cells.
  3. Red Peppers
    Chilli, paprika and cayenne pepper contain capsaicin which refs up the metabolism and helps to curb your appetite.
  4. Ginger
    Ginger helps to break down fatty acids in your food, and helps them to be eliminated, rather than stored in the body as fat.

Myths About Protein Diet

Protein Diabetes

It is just a false premise. Protein is helpful when you face obesity and diabetes. Protein is helpful in maintaining glucose level and insulin sensitivity level.

Protein liver disease

I have watched clients complaining that taking protein is a wrong diet plan for them. Protein promotes liver diseases. While the truth is that protein is necessary for repairing process.

It repairs damaged tissues and it is essential for the building of new cells.

If you have a damaged liver you need a high protein diet. This diet plan will repair tissue damage and will aid you in recovery.

I often suggest to my clients and friends and I am suggesting the same advice for you:

“Every thing is good for you in moderation. To live a healthy life we need a balanced diet. If you will add protein and remove fibers from your diet, result are not supposed to be good for you. Instead try to add little bit of every healthy nutrient into your daily diet.”

Protein kidney disease

Many people say that protein is harmful for your kidneys. It can cause kidney stones. Opposite is true. High protein diet is not harmful and will not give you osteoporosis if you are a healthy person.

If you don’t have a healthy body before including protein in your diet you cannot blame protein for kidney disease.

Protein is not an energy source

Who says protein does not give energy?

Protein has the same amount of calories as carbohydrates. Protein will not only keep you satisfied but will also give you energy for your daily tasks.

Healthy Fruit Drink

Fruits also contain essential vitamins and minerals that may not be found in other food groups or from other sources. For instance, fruits contain Vitamin C (that prevents scurvy), Vitamin A (that is good for eyesight and prevents macular degeneration), potassium, folate and other minerals.

So, a healthy fruit drink is an excellent way of ensuring that you get the daily recommended amount of nutrients and minerals. This is particularly so for children who may not take time for eating the fruit itself. Having them drink a fruit drink is an easy way of getting them the nutrition that they need for their bodies to grow strong.

A major advantage of a healthy fruit drink is that they do not contain near as many calories as fruit drinks typically contain. They also will have no fat, though they have a little sugar that provides energy. Fruit also contain enzymes that aid in digestion so that the pancreas is not overworked.

There are numerous healthy fruit drinks that are easy to make and very delicious. The best fruit drinks can be categorized into fruit smoothies and fruit juices. Fruit smoothies are made of blended fruit that may be fresh or frozen (or both), yoghurt, milk or water, ice cubes and sometimes ice cream. Juice on the other hand is made by extracting the liquid from a fruit. Therefore, a fruit smoothie and a fruit juice are different because a smoothie is made using the whole fruit (even the skin if it is edible), but when juice is made, the fruit pulp is usually gotten rid off.

Between the two kinds of healthy fruit drinks, the general consensus is that the fruit smoothie is more nutritious than the fruit juice. By using the whole fruit, the smoothie contains the fiber and pulp that are necessary for healthy digestion. The fiber also ensures that the sugar found in the fruit is slowly released so that there are no sudden spikes in blood sugar levels which can cause diabetes.

Smoothies are also more versatile than fruit juices when it comes to the number of ingredients that can be added to them. You can add yogurt, spinach, protein powder and any other ingredient you choose. This is because the ingredients of your healthy fruit drink are blended together so that even the solid ingredients are well integrated into the mixture.

It is best to make your healthy fruit drink at home as you can control the ingredients. However, you can purchase them from health food stores and supermarkets. If you do buy them instead of making them yourself be sure and always pay attention to the label of the fruit drinks to know all the ingredients. You should choose a drink that has no additives and is not made from concentrate.

Find Low Calorie Foods At Subway

Go for the veggie

One of the sandwiches that has the lowest number of calories is the veggie delite sub on a nine-grain wheat bread. This sandwich only has 230 calories; therefore, you can eat it without worrying of adding a lot of calories in your body.

Other than the veggie delite, other low calorie options that you can go for are: turkey breast and hamburger. Each food contains 180 calories. If you like it you can go for the black forest hamburger which has 290 calories.

Go for mini subs

If you are a mid-sized eater and you have a small appetite you should go for the mini subs as they are not only small in size, but they also contain fewer calories. According to research studies, the calorie levels of mini subs is between 150 and 200 calories.

The mini sub with the least number of calories is the veggie delite mini sub that contains 150 calories. There are also the black forest hamburger and turkey breast mini subs that contain 180 calories. If you love beef you can go for the roast beef mini sub that contains 200 calories.

Eat the right breakfast sandwiches

Subway has a number of breakfast sandwiches that have calories that are fewer than 200. One of the best sandwiches to go for is the egg white sandwich on cheese flatbread. This one contains 170 calories. There is also bacon and steak each of which contains 190 calories.

Other tips on how to find low calorie foods

When you are shopping, always peruse the under six grams of fat menu and find the salads and sandwiches that contain your favorite deli meats and ingredients.

If you love soup you should always do your research and identify the healthy choices that are available. Two of the best soups that you should consider going for are the minestrone soup (90 calories) and the chicken noodle soup (100 calories).

Buzz About Stevia

Stevia Is the Natural Choice When One Has Diabetes

There are a host of reasons which make stevia perfect substitute for sugar, in particular if one is afflicted by diabetes.

Unlike sugar which is high in calories, stevia is a zero calorie natural sweetener. Moreover, stevia can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and being high in nutrients, it keeps the body supple, so one is able to curb one’s appetite, and does not feel the need to go for high calorie or sugary foods.

Still, in all likelihood, one would find it difficult to reject sugar as a whole and gladly go for stevia.

What Makes Sugar So Hard To Let Go?

There is a mechanism by which sugar affects our mindsets, and even memory. When one has sugar, it invokes the same hormones as pleasure. Additionally, sugar gives one a temporary rush of energy. This

  • Makes sugar addictive
  • One tends to go for sugar over and over again, soon after the temporary rush of energy is over.
  • And this in turn enhances the risk of diabetes.

So, even though stevia does not have a strong flavor of its own, one would feel that he doesn’t like the flavor.

The solution:

SVITEN has come up with a product for the scenario wherein one suffers from diabetes and cannot go for sugar, but stevia still gives one jitters.

The Sviten Low Cal Diet Sugar is made from purified stevia extract as steviol, and this has sugar in some percentage. However, it offers less than 1/10th the calories as sugar, making it a much improved choice over sugar, in particular if one is a diabetic, or is fighting obesity.

Sviten Low Cal Diet Sugar just might be the perfect solution if you are diabetic. And this is the perfect choice for someone like Kelly, who may be wary of stevia.

Foxtail Millets Are Beneficial to Health

In China, foxtail millet is the most common millet and one of the main food crops, especially among the poor. In Europe and North America, it is planted at a moderate level for hay and silage and birdseed. However, in South India, especially in rural Andhra it has been a regular diet among people. It belongs to the old culture of Tamil. In old Tamil texts, it has been associated with Lord Muruga and Valli.

This easily cultivable crop is highly rich in fibre, protein and low in Glycemic Index. Foxtail is ideal for reducing cholesterol of body, controls blood sugar and aids in metabolism rate. As an antioxidant, it removes all acidic elements from the body.

Use in Diabetics

Regular use of foxtail is a good guard against coronary diseases and reduces chances of cardiac arrest and fatalities. Being a diabetic friendly food, it contains a fair amount of phenolic (a strong anti-oxidant) used to get rid of toxins in the body. Rice is usually devoid of essential minerals and vitamins, but foxtail millet has enough amounts of both besides being rich in all amino acids, making it a desirable food for diabetics. Studies have shown that carbohydrates and fibre in foxtail millet are beneficial for diabetics, reducing blood sugar levels by about 70%

A Gluten Free Diet

Many people are getting diagnosed with gluten sensitivity ( also called the Celiac disease), a substance found commonly in wheat. People who cannot consume wheat are left with very few options as most of the products in the market like biscuits, bakery items like bread, etc are made from Wheat. As a gluten free diet, foxtal millet is a perfect food for people suffering from Celiac, promoting digestion, increases energy levels and helping in maintaining cholesterol levels. In fact, they provide higher nutrition than wheat. A unique benefit of foxtail is that it helps in eradicating viruses and germs.

Preparations of Foxtail

An easy to cook food, foxtail is an ideal substitute for rice or other grains that could cause blood sugar. It can be easily eaten with all side dishes that you eat along with rice, e.g., sambar, rasam, curds, dal, etc.

You can even make pulao, khichdi, pongal, upma and other such dishes. These millets can be beautifully served as a fibre rich salad or added to soups, burgers, muffins, pancakes and an endless list of such dishes.

Healthy Breakfast Cereals


This cereal is made from whole wheat, barley malt and a whole lot of vitamins. Fibre is important in the mornings because you need a properly functioning system from morning to evening. Weet-Bix also contains energy so that you can get a good start to your day. The yummiest way to consume this is by breaking it in warm milk and to add a few Marie Biscuits for a smooth texture.


Many people cringe at the idea of eating porridge for breakfast but this cereal comes in different flavours that don’t change the nutritional value by much. ProNutro is mainly made from maize and contains the most amounts of vitamins and minerals. This includes Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D3, E and K and minerals tricalcium phosphate, potassium iodine, electrolytic iron, magnesium oxide, sodium selenite anhydrous and zinc oxide. This is a high source of protein that assists with daily activities.


Made from wholegrain oat flour, maize flour, rice flour and vitamins this might be another one of the healthiest breakfast cereals around. The vitamins that are in this cereal include vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, biotin and pantothenic acid. Minerals included are calcium carbonate, electrolytic iron, zinc oxide and sodium selenite.

It is important to make sure that the healthiest cereals are available to your potential customers and clients. Promoting good eating habits will create a healthier community and eventually a healthier world. It is also important that all allergens can be seen on every single box so that people are able to see if they can consume the product without receiving and allergic reaction.

Low Calorie Diets

Despite that the thought of dieting is still appalling. The thought that so many who are carrying excess weight must face the same dilemma does not help. It’s a matter of will power and health related self-discipline and yet something makes me want to rebel against it.

Low calorie food is always in my freezer to avoid having to prepare such meals myself. This helps as they are generally delicious and take very little preparation. The question is how good are they in the long run.

On the advice of others cutting out sugar from my diet has seen some kilograms drop off. Salt is another non-essential when preparing my own meals. Living, however, in a cold climate is part of my problem along with the fact that sitting for long hours at the computer writing is extremely weight inducing.

In the last few months a gym has provided a healthy alternative and disciplining myself to go every day when possible is producing some results. Only through dieting, however, can I ever hope to get the fat off and an understanding of low-calorie food intake is the only way to do it. My research shows that on the whole they are pretty good value and sticking to them is a good alternative.

Norma Holt has knowledge that enables her to understand many issues. Political, social and behavioural problems are usually on her list for discussion and the depth of her research will amaze.

Detox Body With Raw Foods Diet

Before beginning any new diet it is always recommended to consult your physician. A detox diet consisting of raw foods is considered to have many health benefits. People have said that by eating a diet of 100% raw foods that they have had many health issues reverse. One great health benefit to start out was healthy weight loss in overweight people. Choosing what you eat wisely is key to this benefit. Obviously when a person who is overweight loses body fat, health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, type II diabetes, etc. tend to improve and become a healthy level.

It has been reported that when a person does a raw food detox that they did experience some negative side effects before the positive ones came forth. Some of these negative side effects are headaches, pain in the joints, congested sinuses and general malaise. This occurs as the toxins that have been stored in fat in the body get released into the bloodstream to be purged by the body. It is for this reason that it is advised to only follow the initial detox for about 10 to 12 days. The negative side effects may occur within the first 4-6 days of the detox diet. Once the negative symptoms subside, you will be able to notice the positive results. Just like with anything, you must first experience the pain before the gain.

Below are some ideas on what you may want to eat for a detox diet of raw foods.

For Breakfast you may try these Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies:

Blend your favorite fruit in a blender with green leafy vegetables of your choice…spinach, kale, lettuce whichever you choose. It may look disgusting, but the taste is wonderful. Try to use the ratio of 2 fruits to one vegetable. Children love these as well. You can also use raw cacao powder to change up the flavor, say with a banana and some avocado. You know your taste, so experimenting with whole raw fruits and veggies is fun and rewarding. The vitamin and mineral content is a great way to start the day.

For Lunch you can try these Salads and Dressings:

Mix your favorite salad greens/veggies with raw seeds and nuts…you can even include whole raw fruits to make a wonderful salad. You can use live vinegar and evoo (extra virgin olive oil) for a nice light dressing. You can even make a creamier dressing by combining avocado with nut butters and tomato juice. Just blend them all together in a blender.

You may also try grating some butternut squash or carrot with a nut milk and some seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower thrown in. Blend this as well. Again, you can experiment or there are many great recipes and cookbooks available created for veganism and healthy eating in general.

For Dinner it would probably be best to pore over the many raw food cookbooks and recipes available in book stores and online. If you find recipes you like make sure to save them so you can enjoy them again. You may also find online the raw foods you need to make the meals you want to make.

There are certain things you should not eat when you choose to eat a detox diet containing raw foods.

When you are eating a detox diet containing raw foods, you will not be eating anything that is cooked or has been heated above 118 degrees. Processed foods are also out of the equation. Any dairy products which have been through the pasteurization process will not be consumed as well. Any beans or nuts which have been roasted are a no-no. Coffee and other hot beverages resulting from the process of roasting the beans is not part of raw diet.