Greek Yogurt Flavors

Chobani Bites: Coffee With Chocolate Chips

If you’ve been watching your diet for some time, chances are you have cravings for chocolate now and again. Chobani bites offers the option to get a snack in that hits that sweet spot, provides 8 grams of protein, and still manages to be in low in fat and provide a great taste for 100 calories. This is hands down my all-time favorite type of yogurt, and I recommend it to friends pretty much every day. It’s a bit high in sugar for those that closely scrutinize your carb intake, but still worth it.

Chobani Fruit at the Bottom: Apple Cinnamon

If you’re not a big fan of fruits and vegetables, it can be incredibly difficult to work into your eating habits on a daily basis. Combine an easy fruit serving that with the curative powers of a super food like cinnamon, and you have my second favorite greek yogurt flavor. Clocking in with a whopping 28% protein and only 120 calories, Chobani’s Fruit at the Bottom is easy to squeeze in at any time of the day.

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Dips: Roasted Red Pepper

Combining the indulgent feeling of a creamy, delicious dip with the healthy facets of Greek Yogurt, this Dannon Dip powerhouse provides a feeling of fullness and nutrition. If your friends are health-conscious as well, this is an easy alternatives to fattier dips. You can also mix in carrots and other vegetables instead of the usual chips and dip combination. The very best part of a dip like this is that in terms of calories, the density isn’t there. You can take a whole two tablespoons of Dannon Oikos Grek Yogurt Dip and it only comes in at 25 calories a serving. That’s impressive and delicious!

Find Low Calorie Foods At Subway

Go for the veggie

One of the sandwiches that has the lowest number of calories is the veggie delite sub on a nine-grain wheat bread. This sandwich only has 230 calories; therefore, you can eat it without worrying of adding a lot of calories in your body.

Other than the veggie delite, other low calorie options that you can go for are: turkey breast and hamburger. Each food contains 180 calories. If you like it you can go for the black forest hamburger which has 290 calories.

Go for mini subs

If you are a mid-sized eater and you have a small appetite you should go for the mini subs as they are not only small in size, but they also contain fewer calories. According to research studies, the calorie levels of mini subs is between 150 and 200 calories.

The mini sub with the least number of calories is the veggie delite mini sub that contains 150 calories. There are also the black forest hamburger and turkey breast mini subs that contain 180 calories. If you love beef you can go for the roast beef mini sub that contains 200 calories.

Eat the right breakfast sandwiches

Subway has a number of breakfast sandwiches that have calories that are fewer than 200. One of the best sandwiches to go for is the egg white sandwich on cheese flatbread. This one contains 170 calories. There is also bacon and steak each of which contains 190 calories.

Other tips on how to find low calorie foods

When you are shopping, always peruse the under six grams of fat menu and find the salads and sandwiches that contain your favorite deli meats and ingredients.

If you love soup you should always do your research and identify the healthy choices that are available. Two of the best soups that you should consider going for are the minestrone soup (90 calories) and the chicken noodle soup (100 calories).

Yogurt Wars

On of the ingredients, potassium sorbate, was confirmed by the CEO to kill bacteria and yeasts. They purposefully add it to destroy bacteria.

Wait, hold on… You eat the yogurt for the probiotic bacteria, right? So, why would you eat a yogurt that has a chemical designed to kill bacteria? It doesn’t make sense, until you realize that the company is more interested in money than providing a quality product.

The other has a chemical sweetener that was downgraded to ‘use with caution’ recently. Enough science made it through the bureaucracy to force the government to recognize it as something potentially unsafe. Why would you eat something that is needs to be eaten with caution? It’s directly saying that this poison is OK as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

You need to make healthy choices. One of those healthy choices is to avoid any food product with chemicals, colors, sugars, and things you just don’t know what they are.

Let’s face it, these things may make life easier now, but they will make life harder later on.

There are better alternatives. One is to make your own yogurt. It’s actually really easy. First, you need whole milk (not low fat or all you get is runny mush) and a good, organic yogurt starter. For me, I buy a starter from one of the several companies that put quality ahead of high CEO salaries.

As a side note, I purchased a starter pack with 6 different kinds of yogurt for less than $20. It will produce about 30 gallons of yogurt, maybe more if I carefully keep tending the base to produce new flavors.

Then, you add the yogurt starter to the milk, keep it warm, and wait. In a day, you have lots of healthy, delicious yogurt. You can add any flavor you want: berries, jams, maple syrup (odd, I know, but I know several people who do this), nuts, seeds, granola, and the list goes on.

You can make as little as a quart to several gallons at a time. Me, I make 1 gallon at a time and it lasts about a week for 3 people.

The best part is I don’t have to worry about chemicals, residues (I use organic milk), or unwanted things. When it is finished, with the yogurt starter, milk, and additions, I make 1 cup of yogurt for about $0.25. For me, it’s worth it. How much is your health worth to you?

Hemp Foods

Agriculture has had to change to keep pace with the ever changing needs of the world’s peoples. Some crops, for a variety of reasons, became less favorable to farmers and were not produced in many places; one such victim of reduced demand was the Hemp plant, where governmental policy affected the market. For many hundreds of years, maybe thousands, hemp was grown in many countries as a major agricultural product. Production of hemp was illegal in many major producing countries which left a resulting big gap in the availability of fiber in world trade, so other crops had to be found and cotton seemed to fit the bill.

One of the reasons is that hemp was once viewed as a dangerous psychoactive drug and its other uses were ignored. Bad press about the psychoactive versions and poor education did nothing to help which led some governments in large producing nations to abandon the hemp plant completely.

Not the Evil Plant They All Said It Was!

Hemp with a high psychoactive content turned out to be a good treatment for a number of the symptoms of some common disorders; and the predictions of its destructive and addictive potential were far over exaggerated. What has transpired is that alcohol, heroin, cocaine and tobacco are all far more insidious and damaging to society. Producing cannabis was banned in the 20th century while at the same time opium could be bought openly.

There is a totally different scientific view these days.

With government attitudes being changed by better education and research, hemp production is now actively encouraged again. Farmers are realizing the potential of hemp crops so production of non-THC hemp is on the rise. The industry has been positively affected by this changing attitude and as a result this versatile crop can be used in many industrial applications including plastics and building composites. It also provides fiber for clothing and fabrics, plus an important part of the cropped plant – hempseed.

What is So Important about Hempseed?

There is good reason for hempseed to be seen as preferable to similar crops such as flaxseed; Seed is required to propagate the following years crop, but hempseed is uniquely special in several ways; from EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) to important proteins that the body needs, to the large amount of oil produced.

Let’s investigate this a little deeper:

To get a better understanding of the importance of hempseed, we can examine its constituent parts to see why it is held in high regard.

Hempseed is comprised partly of a rich oil that can easily be extracted. The ratio of oil to overall seed mass is very impressive – commonly, about thirty per cent of the seed is hempseed oil.

The components of the oil itself turn out to be very important nutritionally:

Hempseed oil comprises almost 25% protein – and a really good protein too!

The total protein content of hempseed oil is edestin, a useful globular protein. The blood plasma protein found in large amounts in the body globulin is very similar to edestin. This makes this particular protein very easy for the human body to assimilate. Our bodies use edestin to produce toxic agents that reduce toxins in the body – for anyone with kidney issues, this can be a great boost.

Albumin is another protein found in hempseed oil. Easy to digest and absorb, this protein is a valuable controller of potentially damaging free radicals. These are reasons why hemp protein has proved popular among athletes.

The ratio of omega6 to omega 3 is 3:1 which is the exact ratio that the human body needs for a natural balance. Unique to hempseed this property is not found in any other natural products – there are no known alternatives in the natural world that have this “golden” ratio and of all the fatty acids that the human body needs, these are the most essential.

Disproportionate EFA’s in flaxseed oil make it a poor choice as a supplement for EFAs because repeated dosage will cause the human body to have an imbalance in its EFAs. Hempseed oil has the right makeup to be the perfect supplement to take daily or as an olive oil replacement, it can be used in food preparation.

A healthy diet will contain all the EFA’s that you need to keep your nervous system in good shape and your mind sharp. Hempseed oil is made up of a whopping 80% of these EFA’s.

The human body cannot metabolize EFA’s so they must come from diet alone; A common diet in the Western world comprises a lot of processed and junk foods – these have no EFA’s at all as they only occur in plants and not in animal foodstuffs.

So hempseed oil is more than just a sensible addition to your diet, but it also provides a healthier body and can increase longevity as a result.

Produce Tasty Food with Hempseed Oil

Fish oils are odorous and not pleasant to eat; hempseed oil tastes good and improves food flavors. Hempseed oil adds a nice flavor to cooked foods (it is not possible to use it to fry though), or in a salad as part of the dressing. Alternatively it can just be ingested as a supplement. The small amount of hempseed oil required is a simple addition to any diet. In addition to the dietary benefits of hempseed oil, it can be used to treat eczema and other skin complaints.

Instead of a supplemental dose of hempseed oil, a number of different foods can be pre[pared from hempseed including: Hemp Chocolates, Hemp Pasta, Hemp Salad Dressings, Spiced Hemp Seeds, Hemp Snacks,, Hemp Bread, Toasted Hemp Seeds, Hemp Ice Cream, Hemp Milk, Hemp Snack Bars, Hemp Pesto and other dressings and more!

Flour can be made from hempseed and used to bake delicious pastries and breads; with the oil being used to make a tasty butter. If you eat a vegetarian diet, not only does hempseed provide valuable protein, it can be used to make tofu and other vegetarian products.

Vegan Store Ups And Downs

Where Are the Vegan Stores?

A vegan store can be very hard to come by, I have never personally seen or even heard of one, so this makes it a little challenging to get certain items. The reason there isn’t more stores like this is simply because there isn’t high enough of a demand, but I hope, and I’m sure some of you hope, there will be once more and more people realize the benefits of going green. What can we do without a vegan store? Well you can go to a normal grocery market and perfect your label reading skills, or turn to the handy dandy internet.

Handy Dandy Internet

The internet can be a very helpful place when shopping vegan. While there may not be high enough demand for a vegan store in your neighborhood, there is certainly a high enough demand on the internet. There are many places to shop vegan online and at Vegan Purity I’ve come up with the most reliable recommendations to get you started. With the internet you can save yourself some guess work, time, and money.

Save Money

As a vegan you already save money by not having to worry about the rising cost of meat, eggs, and diary. Veggies, the bases of a vegan diet, are very affordable so that can help your budget and you can use the money you saved to get those special vegan items you’re craving. When using the internet to shop for vegan items, it makes it easy to compare prices of different companies which helps you get the most out of your money.

Even though there isn’t much of a demand for a vegan store in many towns, the internet can be a helpful tool to get you the things you want and need to have a healthy vegan diet. It is possible to get a affordable vegan items thanks to an online vegan store, and in most cases you can get your items no matter where you live.

Detox Body With Raw Foods Diet

Before beginning any new diet it is always recommended to consult your physician. A detox diet consisting of raw foods is considered to have many health benefits. People have said that by eating a diet of 100% raw foods that they have had many health issues reverse. One great health benefit to start out was healthy weight loss in overweight people. Choosing what you eat wisely is key to this benefit. Obviously when a person who is overweight loses body fat, health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, type II diabetes, etc. tend to improve and become a healthy level.

It has been reported that when a person does a raw food detox that they did experience some negative side effects before the positive ones came forth. Some of these negative side effects are headaches, pain in the joints, congested sinuses and general malaise. This occurs as the toxins that have been stored in fat in the body get released into the bloodstream to be purged by the body. It is for this reason that it is advised to only follow the initial detox for about 10 to 12 days. The negative side effects may occur within the first 4-6 days of the detox diet. Once the negative symptoms subside, you will be able to notice the positive results. Just like with anything, you must first experience the pain before the gain.

Below are some ideas on what you may want to eat for a detox diet of raw foods.

For Breakfast you may try these Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies:

Blend your favorite fruit in a blender with green leafy vegetables of your choice…spinach, kale, lettuce whichever you choose. It may look disgusting, but the taste is wonderful. Try to use the ratio of 2 fruits to one vegetable. Children love these as well. You can also use raw cacao powder to change up the flavor, say with a banana and some avocado. You know your taste, so experimenting with whole raw fruits and veggies is fun and rewarding. The vitamin and mineral content is a great way to start the day.

For Lunch you can try these Salads and Dressings:

Mix your favorite salad greens/veggies with raw seeds and nuts…you can even include whole raw fruits to make a wonderful salad. You can use live vinegar and evoo (extra virgin olive oil) for a nice light dressing. You can even make a creamier dressing by combining avocado with nut butters and tomato juice. Just blend them all together in a blender.

You may also try grating some butternut squash or carrot with a nut milk and some seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower thrown in. Blend this as well. Again, you can experiment or there are many great recipes and cookbooks available created for veganism and healthy eating in general.

For Dinner it would probably be best to pore over the many raw food cookbooks and recipes available in book stores and online. If you find recipes you like make sure to save them so you can enjoy them again. You may also find online the raw foods you need to make the meals you want to make.

There are certain things you should not eat when you choose to eat a detox diet containing raw foods.

When you are eating a detox diet containing raw foods, you will not be eating anything that is cooked or has been heated above 118 degrees. Processed foods are also out of the equation. Any dairy products which have been through the pasteurization process will not be consumed as well. Any beans or nuts which have been roasted are a no-no. Coffee and other hot beverages resulting from the process of roasting the beans is not part of raw diet.

Romantic Vegetarian Food

When you want to make a lasting impression on her the more you can engage the senses, the more total the experience will be, and hopefully the longer lasting it will be. When you can associate this with a positive experience of yourself the better you will appear in her mind.

Although taste is the obvious sense that comes to mind when you think about food, there are five in total and none should be ignored –

  1. taste
  2. touch
  3. smell
  4. sight
  5. sound

Making roasted vegetables ticks all these boxes. I came about it by chance – I wanted to have roasted vegetables with a pie recently, went to the supermarket and found that there wasn’t a special offer on any of the varieties of frozen veg. I was shocked to find that I would have to pay full price, and the bags seemed expensive so I made a mental note of the ingredients (and fortunately the proportions were written on the bag too) and then headed to the fresh vegetable section. I never looked back.

The Ingredients:

(I am working in metric units here, but 25g is about 1oz, and 450g is about 1lb. This will make 8 portions)

  • Red Onions 700g
  • Carrots 800g
  • Parsnip 800g
  • Peppers 500g (vary the colours if possible, but Red Peppers are the first choice)
  • Sweet potato 600g
  • Courgette (Zucchini) 700g
  • Rosemary herb 30g
  • Thyme 25g
  • Olive oil and butter


Wash and peel the vegetables, chop some of the parsnips and carrots lengthways, but for the rest, chop into coarse chunks about 2cm (3/4 inch) square/cubed. Toss with a little olive oil and then add the herbs – the vegetables should be evenly mixed and covered with the herbs. If you are using small onions then keep them whole as they have an unusual shape when roasted and the internal layers expand more. There should be a variety of textures, sizes, shapes and most importantly colour ready for the oven.

In practice, you will probably want to have a very big bowl handy or keep the vegetables separate and use the bowl you have to mix them in proportion with each other bowl by bowl. These quantities will probably serve you for several evenings, so I place 900g quantities in freezer bags and freeze them.


Heat the oven to 200C (about 390F, and the oven can be heating while you prepare the vegetables to save time) and place 450g vegetables per person on a roasting tray with a few small knobs of butter dotted among them. You could use more of the oil, but after attending a lecture by Udo Erasmus once, I prefer using butter for roasting, and leave oils for dishes prepared below the temperature of boiling water.

Place in the oven near the top. After 10 minutes, you can remove the tray and stir the vegetables around in the melted butter so that they are evenly coated, then place them back in the oven

They will probably take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to cook, so look in on them again about 30 minutes after you stir them in the melted butter. They will have reduced in size a little, and become quite crunchy.

Ideally, if you are cooking to impress someone, try and keep them in or near the kitchen as the vegetables roast – the oven will be emitting a variety of sizzling and popping sounds and an intoxicating aroma throughout.


This is an ideal accompaniment to quiche, tart, pies, omelets, lasagna or mousaka. For a choice of wine, I would suggest a white wine like Pinot Grigio, but wine and food combinations are very much personal choice so it’s only a suggestion.

The Logical Dimensions

To the rational mind, this is a great meal – each serving costs about €1.50 ($2 approx) and is low fat (apart from the butter), high fibre, filling and nutritious. But the important thing really is the romantic effect, and that depends on the sensual dimension.

The Sensual Dimensions

While the food is roasting, you have sound and smell. When it emerges from the oven and is ladled on to her plate, the variety of shapes and colour should immediately engage the vision so she can’t wait to put it in her mouth – and that’s where lies the special surprise: this dish is not just about taste (there is plenty) but also texture. Never underestimate the tactile effect of roasted vegetables in the mouth – one of themost sensitive areas in the body.

By creating any experience for your guest that stimulates all her senses, and associating positively with yourself, you have made great romantic progress. And in this case, you are well ahead and haven’t even left the dinner table.

Now it’s time to follow it up with dessert, or as I was once instructed by one of the sexiest women I have ever known “Steven, you have to kiss the girls and make them pie”.

Bountiful Blossoms

While we often enjoy them in gardens and landscapes or present them in bouquets and vases rarely do we invite them into our stomachs. As much as most of us all enjoy flowers the occasions to taste them are usually fleeting. Although a little elusive, edible flowers are something everyone should try at least once. In this article we will go over the most common edible flowers and some of the types of dishes to watch out for in the hope of giving you a better chance to indulge in these tasty treats.

Reviewing any complete list of edible flowers usually leaves the reader surprised to find that some of the most common and most famous flowers are actually consumable. Flowers like roses (rose petals and hips), sunflowers, chrysanthemums and jasmines are all edible when consumed correctly. Various forms of feasting include freezing, drying and dehydrating. You will find these delicious delights in all sorts of cooking creations such as appetizers, sorbets, beverages, salads, soups, oils, syrups, jellies, dips, entrees and desserts.

Some of the names that you will probably find more difficult to locate for delectable digestion are elderflowers, nasturtiums, osmanthus fragrans and borage. For the best results to finding dishes that bloom it is wise to start by perusing some of the more upscale restaurants in your area. If your neighborhood has any health conscience or all natural food spots those are usually great to check out as well. When all else fails a few recipes off the internet and a quick trip to a knowledgeable grocer can most likely get some flowers in your mouth. Let’s take a look at a few of the recipes and more of the edible flowers we might come across.

A lot of times some of the easiest flowers to find for our flavor enjoyment are those that come attached to vegetables that we commonly eat. The squash blossom and its attachment to zucchini is the perfect example and when fried and stuffed they are simply amazing. Other prime examples of this are the flower buds from vegetables like artichoke, broccoli and cauliflower. Some of the recipes, treats and menu items your silverware should be on watch for include banana blossom salads, dandelion fritters, lavender biscotti, lilac syrup, marigold salads, curried daylilies, calendula biscuits and rosemary tea bread.

Once you start learning about how many pretty plants you can cook with you will find that the possibilities really are endless. If you do decide to increase your pedal power there are a few key points you will want to remember, especially when experimenting in your own kitchen. Those eating these types of foods are more susceptible to allergic reactions so this is always something we want to keep in mind. It is important to always know the source of your food and to triple check if it is poisonous or not. Finally if you make sure is organic and pesticide free then your experience at the dining table should grow more and more every time you sit down with some succulent supplements.

Greek Yogurt

You can prepare Greek Yogurt at home with the normal ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

  1. Take two cups of low-fat, plain yogurt.
  2. Strain the yogurt using cheese cloth or paper towels for about two to three hours.
  3. After straining, add vanilla and sweetener to the mix. Use maple syrup or honey as sweetener.
  4. Store in a refrigerator. It stays fresh for several days.
  5. Serve the yogurt as topping for fresh fruit. Add cocoa or cinnamon for flavor.

Starting with two cups of yogurt, you can have about 8 servings. This is a much healthier alternative as a tasty topping when compared to whipped cream. If you want a swirly topping, add chocolate or strawberry sauce and mix it a little.

If you wish to have a good energy breakfast, granola and Greek Yogurt are a great combination. If you want a tasty dipping sauce for citrus fruits, strawberries or your chocolate cookies, you can again use homemade yogurt. Another great morning or evening meal is yogurt mixed with three pairs of walnut halves and one tablespoon of natural honey.

For people on a weight loss regimen, Greek Yogurt is a great choice. It comes packed with proteins and keeps you feeling full, helping you cut down on the quantity of food intake. It also has a lower fat content, which again helps greatly in cutting down weight.

Making Greek Yogurt a regular part of your diet can make you stay healthy and lose excess weight. It also provides you with a long list of tasty dishes to add to your repertoire.

Raw Foods Diet Plan

There are only three basic rules to the raw foods diet. The first rule is to simply eat only naturally made foods. The most popular list of all natural foods are fruits. Cut up fruits can be a perfect breakfast or mid day snack, including pineapple, mangoes, and apples. Vegetables are a great side for lunch and diner, and many people who enjoy eating raw foods prepare red bell peppers as a side, as they are a great source of vitamins. Another great snack are almonds or other natural nuts as they are absolutely loaded with protein and can provide natural energy. For a great lunch idea, eating beef jerky and a side salad is a small but filling lunch. For dinner, some of the main staples are chicken and beef. It is important to eat plenty of fish and chicken as they dishes are loaded with protein and will keep you full and energized throughout the day. Do not feel limited or stuck on what your options are for making your lunch and dinner, as the internet is loaded with resources that can help you find plenty of delicious options.

The second rule of the raw foods diet is extremely important. The rule is that you can not eat any foods that are not raw. This includes fast food, no exceptions. Even if it your birthday, if you want to lose weight fast you can not enjoy that piece of birthday cake or that side of ice cream.

Finally, the last rule of eating only raw foods is to be creative! There are a lot of variations you can use to make recipes that may not have even been discovered yet.

If you have tried different diets in the past and have not had success, try eating only natural raw foods for a month and see where you are. If you are strict and follow through on your diet, you will start shedding pounds very quickly. You will feel fully energized throughout the day and not only will you be able to enjoy delicious food, but you will feel filled up after your meal.