Making Healthy Meatloaf

What you need for a scrumptious meal:

  • Lean pulverized turkey/beef meat (90% if turkey and 95% if beef). Reducing the percentage in lean turkey is done due to the slightly higher number in calories, fats, and saturated fats it contains.

This is simply for three little serving. Compared to crushed beef, the quality of ground turkey will be thicker. Therefore, addition of veggies to it will help in making it softer.

  • A binding ingredient gives the serving a signature feels. You can opt for either combining breadcrumbs together with egg whites (which contain less fats compared to a whole egg).

You do not want your meatloaf to come out dense so you will opt for the veggies after all. Onions and pepper are delicious when put in crushed beef. Omission of oil and dairy products will be good because the content of fat must be as low as it can be.

  • When it comes to seasoning, you could opt for garlic powder, lemon/white pepper or smoked paprika instead of salt. This leaves you licking your fingers. In case you prefer spicy, then opt for ground red pepper.

What to use:

Use either a loaf pan or a lined muffin pan. This depends on how you want the meat loaf to come out. If using a loaf pan, make sure you form it with a sheet of flour, which necessitates the mixture to fall apart. Lining the pan with a parchment paper avoids sticking. It also makes the lifting easier.

This said and done, you could opt for muffins which a best done in the lined muffin pan. The process of lifting in this case is easier and does not involve any mess. However, the muffins are best when it comes to selected occasions. Examples of these are child serving and/or wispy lunches.

That said and done, it is good to note that for you to have the best result of that meatloaf, pressing it when cooking helps in making the mixture compressed!