Myths About Protein Diet

Protein Diabetes

It is just a false premise. Protein is helpful when you face obesity and diabetes. Protein is helpful in maintaining glucose level and insulin sensitivity level.

Protein liver disease

I have watched clients complaining that taking protein is a wrong diet plan for them. Protein promotes liver diseases. While the truth is that protein is necessary for repairing process.

It repairs damaged tissues and it is essential for the building of new cells.

If you have a damaged liver you need a high protein diet. This diet plan will repair tissue damage and will aid you in recovery.

I often suggest to my clients and friends and I am suggesting the same advice for you:

“Every thing is good for you in moderation. To live a healthy life we need a balanced diet. If you will add protein and remove fibers from your diet, result are not supposed to be good for you. Instead try to add little bit of every healthy nutrient into your daily diet.”

Protein kidney disease

Many people say that protein is harmful for your kidneys. It can cause kidney stones. Opposite is true. High protein diet is not harmful and will not give you osteoporosis if you are a healthy person.

If you don’t have a healthy body before including protein in your diet you cannot blame protein for kidney disease.

Protein is not an energy source

Who says protein does not give energy?

Protein has the same amount of calories as carbohydrates. Protein will not only keep you satisfied but will also give you energy for your daily tasks.