Pulihora or Lemon Rice

Ingredients Required:

  • Rice – 1 cup ( 1 cup measures 240 ml of liquid)
  • Lemon – 1
  • Oil – 4 tbsp
  • Peanuts – handful
  • Cashews – 10
  • Curry leaves – 2 strands
  • Green chillies – 4
  • Chana dal – 1 tsp
  • Urad dal – 1 tsp
  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Ginger minced – 1/2 tsp
  • Asafoetida – 1/4 tsp
  • Fenugreek powder – 1 pinch
  • Salt – 1 tsp or as per taste

Procedure to make Pulihora:

  • Fry peanuts in little oil and when they are Almost done add cashews, fry them and take it out.
  • Now in the same pan add oil, keep the flame in medium low.
  • When it’s hot enough add Chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds.
  • When mustard seeds splutter add green chillies, ginger, asafoetida, Fenugreek Powder, curry leaves, salt and turmeric powder.
  • Switch off the flame and mix this with the cooked rice and add lemon juice, coriander leaves and nuts. You can adjust lemon juice and salt as per your taste.

Open boiling rice preparation

  • Wash the rice thoroughly in water and drain completely.
  • Take a vessel (preferably aluminium) and add five cups of water to the rice.
  • Cover it with a lid.
  • Boil it in a high flame until white foam if formed (change in boiling sound/foam touching the lid and pushes it away indicates foam formation. Or, you can even open the lid in between to check for foam formation).
  • Generally this takes 10 to 15 minutes and the rice will be half-cooked (outer part of the rice grain is transparent and the inner part is white).
  • Remove the lid and let it cook for five more minutes in same high flame.
  • After five minutes, take few grains of rice and check whether the rice is properly cooked.
  • If the rice is completely cooked you can see inner part of the grain is also turning transparent.
  • Stop the flame, drain left out water carefully using rice strainer.
  • Once the water gets drained away, put back the rice in aluminium vessel, cover with lid and put it on a low flame for 2-3 minutes (This will further cook evenly and removes any extra wetness. Please note, if the rice is too wet, do not cover with lid).
  • Now the rice will be fluffy and well-cooked.