Make a Sandwich

  1. Start with two pieces of bread. Choose bread that you enjoy. If you want to make the best sandwich possible you need to use the bread that personally satisfies you. If you are looking to eat healthier use a whole grain bread. Separate the two pieces of bread and lay them out on a clean table top or counter top.
  2. Try to pick pieces of meat that do not have patches of fat. There are two types of meat that are usually used in sandwiches. Those two types of meat are ham and turkey. What you choose is personal preference. Put 4 to 5 slices of meat on the piece of bread that you will use as the bottom piece.
  3. Apply the cheese. Cheddar cheese is usually used to build a sandwich but that is boring. Try to think outside of the box! Use all different types of cheese. After you try all the kinds of cheeses available you won’t want to go back to cheddar cheese. My personal favorites are provolone cheese and swiss cheese. Put the cheese on top of the meat.
  4. Pick out the sauce you want to use. This is a big part of how your sandwich will taste. Mayonnaise is a good choice but you are not limited to this choice. One of the best sauces out there to put on a sandwich like the one we are making is barbeque sauce! Try it for yourself and you will see that it is delicious. Put the sauce on the top piece of bread. Spread it out evenly and put on just enough so you can taste it.
  5. Add some bacon! This is my favorite part. Some people don’t like bacon but I think most people will agree that it is one of the best foods out there. You can buy pre-cooked bacon at most grocery stores which is what I would recommend for this type of sandwich. Put two or three strips of bacon on top of the sauce you spread over the top piece of bread.
  6. Put it all together. This is the last step. All you have to do is take the top piece of bread and put it on the bottom piece so that the contents of the sandwich are between the bread.